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Achieving rapid business growth means that you need to respond quickly to changing market conditions. Whether your company is engaged in M&A activities or highly confidential R&D, you need a security fabric which ensures you are able to move quickly without compromising security. Our adaptive security architecture approach delivers security at the speed of your business.

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In today’s ever sophisticated threat landscape, organizations cannot afford to rely solely upon prevention and detection methods. You must have these core capabilities to predict attacks so you can shore up your defenses and monitoring capabilities to better protect your business against an attack.

Baseline systems - Baselines help us understand normal behavior. This is a critical foundation in being able to identify anomalous behavior that could indicate a compromise. 

Predict attacks – Leverage threat intelligence, context and situational awareness to better understand which of your assets are most at risk, and what types of attacks to expect. 

Proactive Assessment Services – Each new technology you introduce or change you make to your network could introduce a new threat.  For this reason, we advise that all organizations undergo regular penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. 

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You invest heavily in security products to prevent cyber attacks and to prevent sensitive company data from leaving your organization. Each of these toolsets requires specialized knowledge and ongoing maintenance. It can become overwhelming for small teams to effectively keep up to date on every security product under their control.

Harden and Isolate Systems – Reduce the attack surface by isolating critical systems and by placing appropriate defenses to block attacks. 

Prevent Incidents – A protective layer of security defenses, coupled with mature security operations delivers the capability to effectively prevent incidents. Proactive threat hunting enables organizations to refine defenses to protect against new and emerging threats, moving the organization to a more mature state of cyber resilience. 

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It isn’t enough to deploy dozens of individual security products to protect your business. By having all systems reporting into a common threat monitoring platform, you gather valuable intelligence that makes security usable. Proactively hunting and deploying defenses to prevent attacks. 

Detect Incidents – the deployment of sophisticated threat monitoring solutions such as CyGuard provides you with the ability to bring data from across your environment into a single view, correlated against contextual awareness for a more accurate picture of real threats. 

Confirm and Prioritize Risk – The situational awareness provided by CyGuard helps to confirm with unparalleled accuracy which incidents represent the biggest threats to your organization so that you can prioritize your responses accordingly.

Incident Containment – A key element in the success of a your security program is cyber resilience. This is your ability to contain incidents and minimize business impact. Mature operational processes, as well as predefined responses to certain attacks can speed containment. 

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The rate and sophistication of cyber attacks mean that we must be in a state of continuous response. Again, this can be a challenging proposition for small, stretched teams. Digital Hands can work as an extension of your team to rapidly investigate and remediate incidents as soon as they are detected. Critical response capabilities include:

Investigate – In order to be truly resilient to cyber attacks, you must cultivate the ability to quickly investigate to determine the attack vector and severity of the incident. 

Holistic Design Review / Model Change – Evaluate proposed design changes to close the vulnerability was exploited. Digital Hands can help your organization understand the business impact of such changes. 

Remediate / Make Change – Deploy changes to seal the attack vector against future use. Digital Hands can manage this process to ISO approved change control processes so that you always have an audit trail. 

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