advanced threat detection

CyGuard™ is a threat detection service that delivers early warning and actionable intelligence for rapid response to cyber threats.

CyGuard™ provides visibility into the enterprise network environment (log, threat, and vulnerability monitoring), intelligence (global threat intelligence, reporting and analytics) and the security staff to respond when incidents occur.


Unparalleled Visibility

CyGuard™ maximizes your IT investments by consolidating data from across your enterprise into a single easy to understand view where trends and patterns can be analyzed and threats identified. 

Advanced Analysis

CyGuard™ monitors behavior across your environment to proactively identify anomalies that could be indicators of compromise. Using an advanced analysis engine, we quickly identify real threats to your business. This data and business context-driven approach means when you receive a notification, you know it is a credible and urgent threat. 

Threat Intelligence

CyGuard™ brings together analysis and context including cross-correlation intelligence from businesses enrolled in our service and over 300 public and private threat information sources.  

Situational Awareness

Events can take on a different meaning when they are compared to situations unique to your environment. For that reason, Digital Hands uses advanced awareness techniques to ensure we have a deep understanding of your business.  

Security Operations

Digital Hands cyber security operations team provides a critical bridge to drive rapid response to cyber threats. Our expert team monitors your environment 24 x7 and utilizes operational response best practices to ensure your business can rapidly take action to address threats as soon as they are identified.  

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