Managed Encryption

As the volume and value of the information that is sent through technical pathways grows, data privacy has become a top priority. Now, more than ever, data encryption is absolutely crucial to ensure protection of your confidential information. It serves as your last defense against attackers, protecting you when all else fails. We understand its importance, which is why we offer only the best in managed encryption services. Encryption is a critical protection strategy to ensure that even if your data falls in to the wrong hands, it is unreadable, and therefore protected. 


  • Protection from outages – users can often work offline so that they can access critical data
  • Centralized management – management is centralized, which streamlines processes
  • Excellent availability – maintained across the network
  • Aggressive monitoring and alerts to ensure constant compliance
  • Installation of an agent on your business network workstations
  • Digital Hands serves as a delivery agent, monitoring data and compliance policy
  • Identifies stored data so that you can decide whether to protect or delete stored data


  • Prevention of data loss 
  • Protection from exposure
  • Compliance with regulations and processes

We don't stop there. Along with data encryption, we offer email encryption.


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