CyGuard Maverick
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CyGuard Maverick Bot Detection & Mitigation

CyGuard Maverick is a next-generation web security solution that detects and mitigates
malicious bot traffic without impacting user experience.

Zero-Touch advanced bot detection and mitigation

CyGuard Maverick is an easy to implement, highly accurate and scalable bot detection and
mitigation service.

Bot Detection
CyGuard Maverick easily distinguishes between good bots, bad bots and human traffic.

Bot Mitigation
Our advanced solution eliminates malicious bots without impeding good bots (such as search
engines) or impacting user experience (no Captcha forms!).

Bot Visibility
We make it easy to see the bot traffic on your website and APIs. With this, you gain a deeper
understanding of your web traffic and more accurate analytics.

With CyGuard Maverick, you'll see an immediate drop off in useless traffic. 

CyGuard Maverick eliminates advanced attacks such as:

Denial of Service   Content Scraping    Account Takeover
Multiple bots overload the webservers, making the site inaccessible to customers.   Bots take content from your website and use it other applications.   Bots test credentials stolen from compromised databases.

The CyGuard Maverick Experience

A fast, low latency solution
With our unique approach, latency implications are minimal. Your visitors enjoy a lighting fast
user experience, search engine bots can do their thing, and there are no annoying Captcha forms
to fill out.

Highly effective detection and mitigation
CyGuard Maverick outperforms any bot detection and mitigation solution available today.

Accurate data and informed decision-making
With granular visibility into all components of your web traffic, you now have more accurate data which can be used to understand and inform your digital marketing strategies.

CyGuard™ Maverick can be up and running in less than an hour

CyGuard Maverick is a high performance, scalable, zero-touch service, supported 24 x 7 by Digital
Hands’ security experts. Installing CyGuard™ Maverick is simple, and takes less than an hour.

All you do is:

  1. Add your domain and update your DNS record
  2. Observe an immediate drop off in unwanted bot traffic, and instant visibility into just how much useless bot traffic is targeting your website.

Once CyGuard Maverick is up and running, you’ll receive regular reports highlighting:

  • Bot Traffic
  • Bot behavior
  • Low-level attack pattern analysis

Slash your network bandwidth and computing infrastructure costs by up to 80%

CyGuard Maverick is a highly effective bot detection and mitigation solution. Our users report savings of up to 80% on network bandwidth and computing infrastructure costs. 

Working with Digital Hands

For over fifteen years, Digital Hands has been helping customers improve their security and
focus their own teams on more strategic and satisfying work. CyGuard Maverick solves your
biggest web security challenge.

Reduced Cost & Risk
Reclaims site bandwidth wasted on bot traffic.

Restore faith in website metrics
Eliminating bot traffic means that you now have accurate site metrics.

Improve user experience
Your customers canfocus on your
content because they won’t be filling outannoying CAPTCHA forms.

Our team is 100% focused on you and your success. Our team works hand in hand with you, and we pride ourselves on:

Effective Collaboration
We work as an extension of your team to seamlessly improve your security.

Measurable results
We help you measurably improve your security, and provide the data to prove it.

We work to understand your unique needs and customize our service to meet them.

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