Even the most sophisticated firewalls can be circumvented and attacked, either from cybercriminals outside your network or from an insider threat. In 2016, cyber theft cost the U.S. global economy more than $450 billion. Intrusion Detection / Intrusion Protection products offer a valuable line of threat prevention and detection and should be a part of your overall security strategy. 

Intrusion detection monitors events occurring in your network and detects imminent threats to your network. Based on your system’s usual, acceptable activity, IDS allow you to establish a baseline which is personalized to meet your needs. It can recognize when something is going on that is out of the ordinary, and tell the difference between normal behaviors and threats that must be addressed.

Intrusion prevention detects and then stops incidents. It works both actively and automatically to eliminate threats. It can work in tandem with both your firewall and your IDS, blocking potentially harmful traffic that’s trying to enter your system before it can cause problems. It monitors all network activity, 24/7, and can provide you with a comprehensive log of threats that have been dealt with, to help make the system even safer and more efficient going forward.


  • Identify and respond to threats quicker
  • Gain more visibility to your network vulnerabilities
  • Eliminates threats to your network



  • 24/7 system monitoring to stop potential intruders 
  • Aggressive monitoring and alerts to ensure constant compliance
  • Real-time, automatic policy enforcement across all devices 

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